About Us

Daddys Lanka (Pvt.) Ltd., is a limited liability company which provides special educational services and attends to early childhood psychological developmental problems including AUTISM and other communication disorders as well as ADHD and other related behavioral disorders for the needy children throughout the world.








Daddys Lanka started several years ago on a very low key. It’s growth was seen over the years due to increasing demands. We are proud to be the pioneers in the field of our specialty in Sri Lanka. Over the years we matured in terms of therapeutic intervention techniques, Training of staff and Parents and educating the general public through mass media.

We have over 2000 registered children, a special education school, individual therapy unit, a group therapy unit and activity school. We also boast of having various clinics including those of Child Guidance, Pediatric, Pediatric Surgery, Neurology, Physiotherapy, Nutrition, etc.

As a service provider, we are compelled to compensate our services with a nominal fee which is, we feel, the lowest in the Asian region. E.g. our one hour individual therapy costs only 10 US$.

· Delivering the best possible service for the developmental disorders in childhood while specializing in Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, Down’s Syndrome, Cerebral palsy,

· Training the teachers, health workers, care givers, parents and educating the general public in the national and international arena,

· Developing suitable new therapeutic techniques,

· Drafting the legislative frame works for the said functions and making the policy makers actively involve in the process.

Our Mission

To become the largest service provider in South Asia by 2010. which provides services for developmental disorders, staff training and developing the therapeutic techniques.

Our Vision