Autism is a life style which has its own pluses and minuses.

Overcoming the difficulties is no simple task. Here, we have taken the child to a near normal life.


This child came to us at the age of 7 years which is usually a late presentation. Therefore we had to struggle with the parents who were not very conversant about the problem. Finally we achieved the goal.

Sensory stimulation is an integral part of any therapeutic program. Here, a therapist and the mother of the child performing such an act seems to be enjoying themselves.

This is a self stimulatory remnant, a skin nodule caused by repeated biting. After the therapeutic intervention, it has almost disappeared.

Activities for Autism children can be carried out with whatever comes handy. Here, a pillow has come to the rescue.

It is a challenge to organize a classroom for autistic children.

Among many challenges in Autism therapy, socialization and achieving educational skills play a prominent role. We help in developing such centers by providing technical assistance.

Daddys Lanka Autism Center pioneers in training the pre-school and primary school teachers in the country. One such programs included a workshop conducted at
Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) Auditorium patronized by
chairman SLBC, Mr. Sunil Sarath Perera.

Autism development program is a multi-step process. Starting from pre-requisitic skills and sensory development to pre-linguistic skills and self-help development has to be done spending long pain-staking hours with the child, but the results are rewarding.

Autistic children, if not treated, will show bizzare behaviour. Therefore, an effective therapeutic program will certainly, change the whole picture.

Learning “Self-help” is a fundamental ability needed for independence. We guide such programs with great success.

Awareness programs conducted on various popular TV channels in Sri Lanka is done under the patronage of Daddys Lanka Autism Centre.

Small group discussions are one of the successful ways in educating the target groups. This is regularly done by the Daddys Lanka
Autism Centre.